April 29, 1951

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April 29, 1951

Post by jlb »

Dale Earnhardt was born. Twenty years have passed since his death. I still miss him.

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Re: April 29, 1951

Post by vegas0307 »

I was a very firm anti-NASCAR fan until that race at Talladega in the early 90-s when the Intimidator "bumped Rusty in the final lap and sent Rusty "butt over tincup" on edge over the finish line to finish 6th (I think) while Earnahrdt won (again, I think). My husband (a Harry Gant, then a Mark Martin fan) was watching this race in the kitchen, where I had gone to start supper. I gasped, grabbed his arm, and said "WTF was that???" He just shrugged and said those famous words, "That's Earnhardt."

I've missed very few races since that day, mostly due to baseball or hockey games my grandson was involved in, and then we listened to MRN on the way there or home. I became a radical "ABE-er", hating every move that man made and every interview he gave. Ironically, some years later, I began to ease up on him once "Little Earnhardt" started racing against him. It was as if Joonyer softened Senior's edges and made him seem more human, like he possibly actually had a heart.

The day we "lost Dale Earnhardt", I cried with the rest of you, and my husband looked like he could have too (he grew up in the era when it really wasn't done). One of my stepsons vowed that day to never go out of his way again to watch another race, and to my knowledge, he still hasn't. If he's home and has nothing else to do, he "might", otherwise he doesn't even read the results. As he always said "Without Earnhardt, it isn't racing."

I sometimes wonder if he was right.
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