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Results OOAL Phoenix

Post by vegas0307 »

Bajanman -5 (got a zero for picking Chase FTW)
PowerKyle -7
JRM88 -9
vegas0307 -10
SquareHead -15
mrscfan -16
scfan -16
gibbs -18
VTWoodchuck -20
Tiny Tim -21

What a tidy little group of scores we have this week. There have been at least 2 weeks where the winning score has been worse than this week’s lowest score. Also, this week, Bajanman’s score was MIA, so I took his picks from last week, and look what the heck happened! Congrats to you, Bajan; plus you got the only zero we issued! Way to go, Ken. :woohoo:

One more note: if Harvick would have placed in the top 3, the scores would have been even lower for 8 of us.

This was the last race in this crazy season of 2020, AKA this crazy year. Give me about a week or two, and I should have the end-of-the-year stats posted for you. Please come back next year, and hopefully we won’t have that months-long break in the middle of the season. And thanks for playing! :wave:
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Re: Results OOAL Phoenix

Post by gibbs »

Thanks again for the game Miss Vegas! Fun to know how much we don't know :)
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