Monday 02/22

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Monday 02/22

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Okay, "they say" that this is the last snow for at least a week or two, but we know how much that means. High of 36, snow this morning and clouds all afternoon. Early last night, they projected that we'd get 1-3", if that. Late last night, the forecast showed 2-4". Okay, that's no wayward blizzard; we can handle that. This morning in the last 30 minutes, they changed all that to read 3-5", with the snow arriving at the rate of 1" per hour, and incredibly low visibility. Oh, for joy. Can't wait. :shock: I'm thinking this means we'll get a dusting or so. I'll report back.

So today is the original birthday for the Father Of Our Country, George Washington. It's no longer celebrated separately, as he must now share a holiday with Abe Lincoln, and only on a Monday, since it's more "convenient". When I was a kid in school (yes, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), we got both birthdays off separately. I used to love February. Anyway, Happy Birthday, George! And Belated Happy Birthday, Abe!

Off now, to look at the snow "making down". (Old Pa. Dutch expression for "sh*t's falling from the skies!")
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