Tuesday 09/14

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Tuesday 09/14

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High of 86, mix of sun and clouds all day, but (here's the hard part to believe) no rain. Another one of those "wait and see" days.

Happy "National Gobstoppers Day"! So what in the world is a Gobstopper, you may wonder? Well, if you're a "Willy Wonka" fan like I am (the 1971 version of the movie), then you have an inkling that it's also called a "JawBreaker"! It earned that name the honest way, too. That's one tough piece of candy. The article with it says there may be a compressed sugar lump inside, but I've never had one that wasn't bubble gum in there, even if it takes you an hour or so to get there. That "GobStoppers" designation comes to us from those crazy Brits, by the way. I'm sticking with JawBreakers.
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