Thursday 09/22/22

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Thursday 09/22/22

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Bah, Humbug. As nice as the past few days were, it's over now. Rain off and on into the early afternoon hours, then giving way to just clouds and then just sun! All this frivolity with a high of 71. So leave the SUNROOF closed, take your bumbershoot, and wear a sweater or jacket. (And yes, folks, it won't be long before that rain will give way to <insert dreaded S-word here>.)

As usual lately, look at all these days:
- "First Day Of Fall". This is the day the sun crosses the Equator, and the length of both the day and the night are about equal, as we segue from summer into fall, with the changing colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many other things to come.
- "National Ice Cream Cone Day". I always preferred the non-waffle kind of cone, if I had to get a cone, but I'll pick a bowl every time.
- "National Girls' Night In Day". Sounds like a great excuse to have an adult pajama party, ladies!
- "National Hobbit Day". My trip to The Shire, to celebrate this day, is booked. I'll be the tallest person there........
- "National Legwear Day". I don't much beyond knee-highs under my jeans when I must go out in public. TMI?
- "National White Chocolate Day". Repeat after me: "there is no chocolate in white chocolate". Now again, repeat after me: "I don't care - it's still delicious!"
- "National States And Capitals Day". When I was a mere child, I had a child-type jigsaw puzzle that had all the individual states as pieces, along with their capitals on each piece. I knew that thing inside and out. But the older I get, the fewer I remember, until that's not my favorite "Jeopardy" subject anymore.
- "Remember Me Thursday". I see all those cats and dogs in the pound, just waiting for a family to call their own. I see all those people thinking "We should get a four-legged friend". And now I see a match made in Heaven. <3
- "International Day Of Radiant Peace". Not sure of its exact meaning, but it sounds like something the whole world needs.
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