Sunday 10/02/22 RaceDay

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Sunday 10/02/22 RaceDay

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High of 59, clouds all day, and rain on-and-off? Didn't we just do this yesterday? Well, I guess we're doing it again.

Here are a few Days to brighten yours:
- "National Country Inn Bed-And-Breakfast Day". The only time I ever stayed in a B&B was when my son got married (the first time) out in the middle of the state, too far to drive back and forth over 2 days. It was an old farmhouse, decorated incredibly, breakfast was one of the best ever......but the people were a little strange. Comes with the territory?
- Guardian Angel Day". Did you know that approximately 3/4 of people in this country believe in Guardian Angels? Doesn't matter which religion you subscribe to (if any), but you believe in that little voice that says "You're just gonna get yourself into a bigger bind - don't do this thing." It's a wise person who listens.
- "International Day Of Non-Violence". If you have to resort to violence to "prove your point", then you didn't have too many facts to back you up. Just don't do it.
- "National Fried Scallops Day". This would be my third-to-last choice at a seafood restaurant (after oysters and clams), but I'll eat them if I must. Bring me the shrimp and lobster and king crab - now we're talking! But have a scallop if you must; today is your day.
- "National Name Your Car Day". Yes, I've done this, even when I didn't have small children to use as a cover. And I remember each vehicle fondly, by name. Not sure what it means that I haven't named this latest one (Rav4). But if you wanna name your car, don't worry about what other people think. You do you, as they say. Skoal.
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