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Well, my drivers are happy (sort of) as they got to be on track on Saturday

Unfortunately, an hour got chopped off of practice time when the ambulance crew had to head out for an accident or some such thing....

The boy's cars looked mighty fine - his heavy 160 was humming along and handling well and we had already parked it before finding out we couldn't take it out again. As for his World Formula? First time out in it ever (they are hard to drive), with old tires and minimal work, he had her 0.1 of fast qualifying times for our also didn't have the 'correct' shocks on because the shock guy STILL hasn't called and asked for payment...I'm quite annoyed and I'm thinking he isn't going to like the email that is forthcoming if I don't hear from him today. The boy's helmet hasn't come yet, either....his old one 'works' but it is mighty tight.

The girl only got to drive her 160. It was loose - though it may have been how she was driving it. We wanted to get her in again, but, didn't happen; as well as she didn't get in the 120 (or what is better known as her heavy honda)....that's her car from last year, though, so she should be good to go....

Opening weekend starts Saturday with practice and qualifying

I'll throw some videos of practice up here later today
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