Catching up...

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Catching up...

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So, it's been a really good season by our 'old' standards...

Lil Red has 7 total wins (5 in World/2 in Heavy 160) and a myriad of 2nd and 3rd places - rarely off the podium except on nights one little rat wrecks him on purpose .... and yet, it doesn't FEEL like a good season.... :lol:

As for Cookie - it's been up and down, but, the last night we had racing, she got to LEGIT 3rd place finishes.... for Heavy 160 she led some laps, criss-crossed with her brother for 3 laps before getting away from him in second; then she got tight and he got loose and he caught and passed her with about 5-7 laps left....then 4th passed her for 3rd as they were being lapped.... but she DID NOT QUIT - and she beat him to the line at the checkers by AN INCH - first time ever for all 4 cars to podium in the same night!!

(The mama has also missed two nights of racing - including this one - while dealing with the older sister having some medical issues; those, thankfully, are fixed (or, well, temporarily) and she is off at college for her Sophomore year).

One other thing, can't remember if I posted this before or not, but I can't do the thread on the car build - once we stripped it, we found that the chassis needs too much work for it to be worth it - it would cost nearly as much to repair it as to buy a new one....
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