I beg to differ, Biden

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I beg to differ, Biden

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During remarks on Sept. 9, Biden said that the United States “can and will turn the tide” against COVID-19 by mass vaccinations, while casting blame “at the 80 million” people who haven’t been vaccinated. “We’re in a tough stretch,” he said. “This is not about freedom or personal choice,” he said. “It’s about protecting yourself and those around you.”

The last 8 months have been nothing but a concerted deliberate effort to strip all Americans of their freedom and personal choice.

Except if one is crossing the border illegally. Or wishes to have an abortion. My body my choice, if I want to kill an unborn baby. Not my body, not my choice if I don't succumb to the mask nazi's. And for good measure, I am inhumane and do not care about my fellow citizens. The hierarchy of The Third Reich would rejoice at the widespread acceptance of their tactics against the Jews, now aimed at Americans who still believe in freedom and liberty.

Interesting statistic from the CDC, so take it with a grain of salt and a healthy dose of skepticism: As of May, they suggest that 120 million people have been exposed to the virus. If that number is correct, that group has natural immunity. Coupled with the vaccines (I still have my doubts about their efficacy), we have long surpassed the herd immunity threshold. And, while I don't know the breakdown in percentages, I believe it to be a fairly safe assumption that those with natural immunity are a percentage of that 80 million who haven't been vaccinated.

The push towards a police state has been strong and is ever growing, as I type this.

FWIW: had Donald Trump not won the Presidency in 2016, all of this was part of the plan going into a Clinton Administration. There may not have been a virus, but now that we know beyond any dispute that Fauci was part of funding the research into the Wuhan lab, who knows....

The election delayed the inevitable, with the singular difference being that they would not have been out in the open with their intent. Trump made them desperate, and now they're moving forward, with no shame at that.

I hope folks are paying attention. Even your little stipend will be taken away, at their convenience, if this is not fought.

But, whatever.
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